Don’t you wish there was a way to land on the first page of Google search results that didn’t involve the back-breaking work of traditional SEO?

Well, ever since Google started giving more and more attention to its blended results, you have had an incredible opportunity to jump to the first page of results by creating video content. YouTube and Vimeo videos are a must!

Studies have shown that videos were over 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results as part of the blended results.

Why Online Videos are so Important and VSEO: (Video Search Engine Optimization)

As you push traffic to your website and expand your brand name, you lose out if you don’t use the power of online video. Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) is a vital and necessary component of a competitive website, and it’s not as difficult to implement as you may think.

Experts say that You­Tube has to be trea­ted as a sepa­rate search engine now, and that means using Search Engine Opti­mi­za­tion (SEO), or more pre­ci­sely Video Search Engine Opti­mi­za­tion (VSEO) to gar­ner more vie­wership for your videos, which in turn will bring in more reve­nues for your busi­ness. Using videos effec­ti­vely to con­vey infor­ma­tion that lasts in the memo­ries of the vie­wers lon­ger is a SEO stra­tegy that has been har­ped on from time to time by lea­ding SEO pla­yers in the industry as well as most experts in semi­nars, webi­nars, and con­fe­ren­ces on the chan­ging faces of SEO. VSEO is the fas­ter and more effec­tive way to help your busi­ness gain more visi­bi­lity on the inter­net, and what bet­ter place to use videos to pro­mote your busi­ness than on YouTube.

Something to keep in mind is that today’s search engines, such as Google, not only return results for websites, they also return blended information–everything from websites, videos, images and blogs to news and shopping. New technology has also made it easy for a webmaster to add video, audio (podcasts) and images to a blog, for example.

Video is also a great way to display your company’s expertise in a certain subject matter. Your website would receive traffic and potential new customers when people search a specific set of keywords, via a video search engine. They’d also find a video or image via blended search engine results.

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